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About Us

“Over four decades of performance and trust”


•    NitroFarm SA has been established in 1976 by Mr. Panos Kyrgidis.

Four decades of trust and performance.

1976 – Foundation stone, with innovation!

NitroFarm is founded, investing in its competitive advantage created by the founders’ innovative ideas. Among others printing the company’s logo over the security aluminium foil of each cap (b2c).

1985 – And the Oscar goes to.. Filitox!

The first “redemption” of the insight that characterized every commercial move comes with our Filitox, the No. 1 product in sales throughout Greece for many consecutive years. Its composition made it an excellent tool for a wide range of crops: cotton, trees, tobacco (b2c).

1997 – Dacus protection, NitroFarm Case!

The strongest proof of the effectiveness of the plant protection solutions that the company has always proposed is its 7-year dominance in the Ministry of Rural Development (b2b) procurement for the product “Dimethoate-NitroFarm 40ec” that was applied in olive crops all over Greece.

2000 – Our participation in procurements is… smooth!

Another big success of the company is the participation in the Greek Sugar Industry (b2b) open bids. Initially for a limited variety of products, which in the course of 15 years of cooperation has expanded! Our star plant protection product, the exclusive Elegant 5ec, also known previously as “Quizalofop-P-Ethyl NitroFarm 5ec”!

2004 – The introduction of Annex

The company has responded well to the new Annex legislation on a European level, has adapted fully, has created new synergies and is identified today as the number one Greek company, mainly in copper and paraffinic oil products.

2008 – Grateful… for the crisis!

The biggest crash test for the most Greek companies was due to the financial crisis. However, others have encountered difficulties as a disaster, but we saw an opportunity! With a strategy over a decade (and we continue) the company has invested, through the NSRF, in facilities, products and services adding up to € 1,700,000!

The triple.. “jump”!

Step 1ο – 2017

Exports in 12 countries …

Step 2ο – 2020-2022

6 new plant protection products & 23 plant nutrition products! And the number of exports is growing… 17 countries!

“Landing”… today -2023

New partnerships, present in 28 countries. In Greece, 35 new plant protection products and 48 plant nutrition products!

And even more..!

2023 starts with success, before it has even started! Welcoming two new partners, we achieved the 30 in 23’s goal!

The future looks brighter with YOU!