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Business Ethics

Domestic Market

Over the last 40 years, NitroFarm has been monitoring the domestic agrochemical market very closely. At the time of writing, NitroFarm has captured over 50% of the Greek market in promoting its major product lines. Over the last few years, we have consistently achieved to keep our sales solid.

International Market

In the past 10 years NitroFarm has been looking into international collaboration in the procurement and selling of unique, new or common agrochemical products, new technology and equipment. At the time of writing, NitroFarm has established a network of  70 collaborators around the globe. Our intention in the coming years is to expand this network progressively.

Import & Export

This accounts for nearly half of NitroFarm’s total revenue each year. The staff at NitroFarm is highly skillful and reliable in souring most chemicals and agro-chemical in any quantity direct from our list of manufacturers worldwide. Our aim is to cut down expenses and provide our customer with a very reasonable quotation. In addition, our staff can quote our customers very competitive transportation cost whether by vessel, rail or truck.