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Filitox (a.i. Glyphosate) again, with the charm of two generations

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are restoring our brand name Filitox! Here are two key pointers in moving forward with Filitox:

1985 – Capturing the past: The “redemption” of insight that characterized every commercial movement comes with FILITOX, with the then active substance, the number 1 product in sales throughoutGreece for many consecutive years. Its leading position in the market, for the time it was approved, was perfectly justified, as it was an excellent tool covering a wide range of crops: cotton, arboriculture, tobacco.

2021 – Shaping the future: The “NEW” FILITOX, which we already adore, as you hope, is accompanied by the charm of two generations and four decades. A name intertwined with the history of NITROPHARM! As the years go by and the legal framework changes, you realize that the formula that will “shoulder” the heavy legacy of our brand name is certainly different from the original, and yes, it is Glyphosate 36sl! Our emotion for this reappearance is great!

With pride and emotion,

NitroFarm SA

** Plant protection products (in this case FILITOX –Glyphosate 36sl–) must be used safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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